Guided small group kayak tour from Barcelona to Costa Brava with lunch, photos, 3 hours beach time and much more...




Fun and adventure with our 5* Kayak & snorkel tour! Plus 3 hours beach time to walk the coast, or simply chill in the sun with cold drink and a smile.


We provide a fun and relaxed day trip giving you time to enjoy the coast at your own pace.

Kayak and snorkel tour with lunch, free time and photos


The Costa Brava is filled with an abundance of sea creatures, birds and wildlife.

Soak up the sun with a backdrop of blue skies, green trees, rock formations and sandy beaches.


Take a hike along the famous Camino de Ronda, a coastal walking route that leads all the way to France.

We provide a map with 2 route options to choose from.


We love the Costa Brava for its abundance of nature and natural beauty, but it's also rich in history.

There are many legends of pirates, smugglers and war stories to discover on your visit.



We provide everything you need for the day, starting at our meeting point next to Arc de Triomf in central Barcelona.

Sit back and relax as we whisk you up the coast for a jam packed, fun-filled adventure!


  • Return transport from Barcelona to the Costa Brava
  • Kayak and snorkel tour
  • Experienced guide
  • Picnic lunch and a bottle of water
  • Photos of your kayak tour (with GoPro cameras)
  • Free time to enjoy the beach, beach bars, restaurants
  • Map of the area with hiking routes
  • Valuables box for your important items
  • Changing room, beach shower, toilets
  • Saftey briefing and rescue boats
  • All equipment and insurance

What to bring

  • Swimming costume (required)
  • Water appropriate footwear (optional)
  • Sun-cream (recommended)
  • Money for your free time (extra food, drinks or souvenirs)
  • Towel or something to sit on, on the beach (optional)

Not included

  • Extra water
  • Professional grade photos - Normally they're great! Sometimes the pics have water smudges.
  • Tips for your guide





Trip information

  • Departure: Check in: 09:30am every day April - September. Your transfer leaves Barcelona at 10:00am sharp
  • Tour duration: 10 Hours
  • Kayak group size*: Max 12 people per guide
  • Minimum age: 7
  • Fittness level: Low / Medium
  • Prerequisites: You must be able to swim to come on this tour. Minimum weight; 25kg. Maximum weight; 115kg
  • Payment online: Pay deposit 25% (final balance due on the day of your tour), or pay in full
  • Confirmation: Instant
  • Cancellation: Free cancellation up to 24 hours before tour

* We use private, air conditioned transport to travel to the Costa Brava. This is shared between our kayak groups on each particular day.

Barcelona tickets to Costa Brava Spain for water sports


  • Group: Contact us for group deals
  • Price reduction per person:

Student: -10€

Child: -10€

FREE: Waterproof phone case with all direct bookings on this website

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However, once we're at the beach, we do offer two slightly different itineraries for the day;

1. Kayak first then have free time after

2. Free time first and then kayak in the afternoon

Use the toggle below to see both itineraries.




Our meeting point for the kayak tour next to Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

Kayak first itinerary 

Our meeting point is a 2 minute walk from Arc de Triomf

One of our Barcelona Day Trip guides will meet you to check you in and take you from Barcelona on your private transfer. 

If you have any remaining balance, you can use card or cash to pay on the morning of your tour. 

Barcelona Day Trip meeting point for kayak tour




With everyone on board, we leave the city and travel through Catalonia to the coast.

It’s just over an hour to the stunning Costa Brava in our air-conditioned van, minibus or coach. Plenty of time to get to know your guide, your group, or… sleep off any sangria from the night before.

The bus leaves at 10:00 sharp so please don't be late, you may miss your tour!




All our activities take place in S’Agaro, (part of the coastal town of Sant Feliu), which is where the the Costa Brava was given its name.

We arrive at the main beach, ‘Platja Sant Pol’.

Firstly you’ll meet your kayak guide (if you haven't already), change into your swimwear, lock away any valuables, and set up your snorkel gear and equipment. Then you'll take part in a quick warm up, safety briefing, and learn some basic kayaking techniques before you head to the water.

There is also time to use the toilet or take a couple of photos on the beach when you arrive.




Kayak from Barcelona to the Costa Brava with snorkel and lunch

From the beach, you’ll launch the kayaks into the Mediterranean and begin your kayaking adventure! Your guide will lead the group as you kayak the Costa Brava coastline… dipping in and out of interesting rock formations, with stops like snorkelling, having lunch, and visiting little beaches along the way.

Paddle, glide and explore this spectacular coastal environment, while observing sea-life and natural wonders.

What to expect

  • Lots of kayaking
  • Snorkelling
  • Exploring coves / little beaches
  • Small cliff hops / jumps that are great for photos
  • Small caves (If the sea is calm)
  • Simply delicious picnic lunch
  • Unforgettable coastline
  • A kayak race & games
  • Maybe find an octopus
  • Birds / bats / sea-life
  • 'Terrifying' stories of pirates and legends
  • Photo opportunities

* On occasion we can't access some of the activities due to sea conditions, we thank you for your understanding in the importance of safety first 🙂




After your tour, you’ll have time to relax and put your toes in the sand. When you've taken back your snorkel gear and other equipment, you can pick up your things and be free!


It has to be said that a lot of our groups tend to hang out in the beach bar and share laughs from the tour while getting to know each other more and drinking a few cold beers


Sunbathe, swim, or play some Vollyball with the public nets. 


If you're very hungry, pick up some tapas in one of the many restaurants.


There is also the opportunity to have a walk along the coast of the bay to different viewpoints for some incredible photos.


We provide 'A Map' with two different hiking / walking routs and directions


The map also gives directions to the next town if you fancy some shopping, or to pick up some souvenirs

Sagaro sant feliu map pro scaled




Meet at our kayak centre to get back on the bus.

The group will meet up for the last time, (use the toilet!), say goodbye to the Costa Brava for now, and head back to Barcelona with our guide. Normally the journey is the same time back down the coast into the city, you'll arrive at the original meeting point, just before or around 8pm.

Most people fall fast asleep on the way back, a well earned Spanish siesta.




The general feeling after the tour is satisfaction of body and mind. That beautiful feeling of accomplishment from a bit of sport and a lot of fun, sun and waves.

This tour really does set you up for a lovely evening with some great stories whatever your plans. 

You'll be told by your guide how to obtain the free photos from your kayak tour which are normally available that evening (or within 24 hours of your activity at the latest).




Whether you're travelling alone, on a romantic break, with your family or in a group of friends...

Choose an exciting, beautiful group activity that takes you from Barcelona to kayak and snorkel on the Costa Brava.

It’s a kayak tour experience, packed with extras for all levels and abilities, individuals, families, couples and groups.

An immersive adventure with an easy pace so everyone can enjoy it. Expect some laughs, some funny moments and to be in and out of the water a lot!








We have a maximum of 6 kayaks on our kayak tours. That’s a maximum of 12 people per guide.

If you feel like rewarding the extra effort your guide went to for an incredible day or special attention; then that’s totally up to you. Tips will always be appreciated as a very kind gesture.

No, unfortunately.

Spanish law requires some form of swimming ability so you must be comfortable in the water and able to swim about a length in a normal-sized swimming pool. If you are not sure, your guide will do a swimming test at the beginning of the tour.

If your guide is not satisfied you won't be able to join the tour but will have a wonderful beach, bars, restaurants, and a lovely walk to enjoy while the group is on the water.

**Unfortunately, we can’t give refunds to those who cannot swim on the day.

We want you to choose the best Barcelona Day Trip for you! So we suggest you pre-book a beach day, which includes lunch, transport, and beach time, (no kayak tour, snorkelling or swimming).

Don't book a kayak and snorkel tour unless you can swim or get some lessons before you come - It's a life skill anyone can learn at any age and we really recommend it 🙂

Suitable swimming gear, sun-cream, extra water if it’s a hot day, a towel if you wish and we recommend water shoes too.

You can pick up a pair for around €12 in Decathlon. It’s not entirely necessary to have water shoes but if you have sensitive feet, walking barefoot on rocks can be a little uncomfortable.

Simply a swimming costume will be fine for the kayak tour. If you burn easily in the sun, maybe bring a spare t-shirt you can keep on in the kayak and take off when you swim.

On colder days, Barcelona Day Trip will provide a wet-suit at no extra cost.

Yes definitely. Sea kayaking day tours take you as far as basically paddling, balancing, and getting in and out of the kayak at different interesting spots. All of those actions have opportune moments for a splash or to be fully submerged in the water.

You will also be in the water for a snorkel on this tour. It is optional but we hope you'll try it, it's wonderful.

Our kayaks are very stable and your guide will teach you how to stay upright however in every group we’ve had bar 1, someone has flipped over and landed in the sea.

No definitely not, the way you fall from a kayak, although never very graceful, is not scary. Imagine being sat on the edge of a swimming pool then kind of falling sideways headfirst into the water. It’s more funny than scary and you won’t be the only ones that go over.

If you’re very nervous about it, tell your guide on your kayak tour and they will demonstrate it or even help you with a practice tip at the start of the tour. Once you’ve done it once, you’ll see it’s not bad at all.

Yes, you can. Please just remember that anything you bring on the kayak tour will get wet and could be dropped and lost.

We provide a box for valuables that is kept in our office during the tour.

You can either bring your own or; we can provide phone cases or sunglasses lanyards for €10 each on the day. That way, you can take your sunglasses with confidence, or have your phone around your neck in a little pouch for extra photos on your kayak tour.

We do not recommend to bring phones or expensive sunglasses without a lanyard or wearable phone case.

When we arrive on the beach from Barcelona, valuables can be placed inside a box that’s safely locked at the back of our office for the duration of the kayak tour. This includes mobile phones, wallets, travel documents, etc. After you’re back from the water, collect your valuables on your way to the changing room.

Please don’t take anything with you on our kayak tour that you don’t want to lose or get very wet… The sea is extremely deep in some places and there is a limit to how far down our guides can dive to collect dropped items. This includes tiny earings that can come off while using the snorkelling masks or getting in and out of the kayaks while on the tour.

We’re still looking for a single Tiffany earing that was lost in the summer of 2021… Lost treasure is of course, another great reason to book

The transfer up and down the coast takes roughly one hour and fifteen minutes each way. The time goes very quickly and we play some decent tunes on the way back and forward from Barcelona to Costa Brava on each of our kayaking day tours.

Most people fall asleep on the way back and there is both conversation or music to entertain you while you soak up views of the countryside on the way there.

A kayak on average will travel at around 3-5mph (5-8kmph), so at a steady pace you could cover 20-30 miles in a day or 50 -100km. 

Kayaking is very easy to pick up and you'll be paddling with no worries in no time at all.

Our kayak tour is 3 hours long, covering a maximum total paddling distance of around 5-6 miles (8-10km). The distance we travel depends on the ability of each group, and the weather conditions that day. 

It's around the same distance it would be to walk from Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, to the Big W Hotel on the beach and back again. (Much easier on a kayak!)

We have many stops and breaks for fun activities that the group can get stuck into and have a little rest from paddling. All in all, it's a very manageable distance and a lot of fun especially if it's your first kayak tour experience. 

If you're not sure about your level of fittness, just get in touch and you can talk it through with one of the team 🙂


Yes, the sand can become hot in the sun. No, we cannot control it.


We’ve done it before so things to consider: The dog must be taken on our transfer in a travel crate for the journey (which can be distressing for both the dog, the owner and others on the tour).

Dogs are not allowed on beaches in Spain so it means carrying the dog to the kayak. Some dogs find a kayak tour a little too exciting but talk to us and we’ll accommodate you if we can, and you think your dog will enjoy it.

Most of the time Spain enjoys incredible weather that is reasonably consistent/predictable.

However, there are occasions when the weather changes suddenly or is unpredictable and we have to move/delay or even cancel the kayak tour.

This doesn’t happen often and if it does, we’ll either move you to the next available tour or give you a full refund.

Just like the weather, our transfer time on our kayak tour from Barcelona – Costa Brava and back, is mostly consistent and predictable.

There are times when the journey can take a little longer of course, so sadly yes, if there is extra traffic on the motorway we can be held up.

Unfortunately, just like the weather, it is inevitably out of our control.

The longest we’ve ever had to travel on very busy days is one hour and thirty five minutes. Normally the trip takes just over an hour.

The kayaking and snorkelling around the Costa Brava is varied and beautiful, take a look at our Sea Life page to get an idea of what you might find on our tour. Unfortunately, like the weather and traffic on the motorway, how many fish we see each day while we snorkel is also out of our control.

Our guides are very experienced in the area and will find the best possible spots on the day of your guided tour. We assure you, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience – of course, not comparable to snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia but hey, where can you get a good paella in Oz?

Please do expect to see fish and other beautiful sea creatures when you snorkel and also, in the water from the kayak.

Yes, you will! All of our kayak tours are amazing because of you, your group and your guide! If you’re looking for a good time, you’ll find one. We very rarely have guests that don’t enjoy our tours.

Our kayak tours are super fun, relaxing and sometimes challenging. It’s an outdoor experience in a beautiful location with fun and happy people.

We create a team environment and a small family of friends for the day so enjoy and embrace the vibe and you’ll have the best experiences of your holiday.

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