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Barcelona is one of the most attractive and interesting cities to visit in Spain. it is situated a stone's throw from France on the Mediterranean coast, is a gateway to Europe, and is gifted with the most accessible, mesmerising coastline, the Costa Brava.

Barcelona guide and information

We are in love with this city, this region, this country and we encourage you to visit and see the best of Barcelona and all its wonders. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, which is a province formed over 1000 years ago. There is a rich and diverse culture that can be seen in her people, on the streets, in her buildings, restaurants, and in the vibrant beating heart of the city itself.

Barcelona for some is home and for others a place to visit time and again. We've created a few short guides below that we hope will make your stay in Barcelona even more enjoyable. They include our favourate restaurants and viewpoints to explore in the city. Information on Taxis, using the Metro and timing your trip with the perfect local festival.

We hope you enjoy them and we'll be updating and adding to them regularly to insure we're passing on the most accurate recomendations.

Tourist information, ideas and best bits to make the most of Barcelona

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