Barcelona Magic Fountain

Barcelona Day Trip on: Barcelona Magic Fountain 2023

The Barcelona Magic Fountain light show and Music

A fantastical magical ore inspiringly wonderful evening is to go and see the Barcelona magic fountain at Plaza España.

Best known for its sound-and-light shows. It can produce around 7 billion light-and-water combinations by combining the hydraulic pumps it features and lighting it’s equipped with. 

The shows include choreography coupled with music from Spanish classical pieces, 1980s hits mix to the soundtracks of animated films.

Built on the site where Josep Puig I Cadafalch’s Four Columns had stood before being demolished in 1928, Carles Buigas constructed the Magic Fountain for the International Expo in 1929.

The fountain gushes an enormous 2,600 litres of water a second through the fountain’s three concentric pools, driven by a water-recycling system. LED technology is now used due to its low energy consumption and the coloured lighting it offers. The Magic Fountain has also been using and recycling groundwater since 2010.

You can find more about upcoming shows on the Barcelona council website.

**We recommend being cautious with your belongings while you visit the Barcelona magic fountain as any crowd is a great sport for pickpockets.

If you like watching water, maybe you’ll enjoy drifting over it on one of our 5* kayaking tours?

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