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Barcelona Day Trip on: Best Barcelona markets 2023

Barcelona Markets – La Boquería, La Rambla

Barcelona is known for a creative, warm and exciting neighbourhood vibe. Each separate area in the city has it’s own character and feeling to be enjoyed and explored.

They also hold a very unique and impressive food market presenting vibrant local ingredients and selling not only to restaurants, bars and cafes but to locals and visitors alike.

The markets are seasonal offering all the ingredients needed for local Catalan speciality dishes.

A must see of all the Barcelona markets to visit is the biggest and most well-known Market in Barcelona, La Boquería. It’s popular for a reason and houses a huge number of artisan stalls, bars and hidden corners. Situated on the Rambla, a short walk down from Plaza Catalonia, the market is easy to find with a large entrance and always, a vibrant stream of people.

From fresh seafood to cured meat, colourfully laid out sweets, bread, spices and herbs this place has everything. Including some super fresh juice stalls. It’s also surrounded by coffee shops and bars. The pillars lining the market are impressive and as you will see, it gets quite busy. As with any crowed place in big cities, watch out for pickpockets and keep a close eye on your bags and belongings.

If you’re staying in an apartment or self-catered accommodation, try some Barcelona markets, test your Catalan and enjoy the experience before you taste the results.

Food markets won’t be open on Sundays and, usually, Saturday afternoons.

If you are going to visit one, be sure you don’t go on a Monday as the fish stands will be closed. Fishermen, like most people, have their day off on Sunday to enjoy some time on dry land with their families; so there will be no fresh fish the following morning.

Of all the Barcelona markets there are, this one has over 100,000 reviews and a 4.5* score on google so… You can’t argue with that. Have a look here for directions and reviews on google maps 🙂

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Santa Caterina Market – El Born

With a wide selection of fresh meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and bread, personally my local market in El Born does not dissapoint and I visit most weeks (including today).

You will be distracted by the colourful wavey roof and spectacular cast iron building before the colours and selection of fresh food and drinks sucks you in.

Friday’s and saturdays are usually the most busy but fear not, it’s much more relaxed than La Boquería. With wide corridors to walk down and a few little bars and terraces at the front of the buiding, this medium sized market will suduce you time and again.

Find it here.

Santa Caterina Barcelona markets el born

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More Barcelona Markets coming soon!

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