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Museums in Barcelona

Each first Sunday of the month most museums in Barcelona are FREE.

Normally museums in Barcelona are quite expensive to enter however if you time your trip right, you can handpick a couple of them and enjoy them for free. Here’s a list of some of the most popular choices and their opening times:

The Night of the Museums

Barcelona night at the museum spain visit

You’ve seen the film but you haven’t lived it yet. May the 21st each year or the closest Saturday to that date, over 60 Museums open their doors for free. Visitors can enjoy shows, music, drinks, theatre, and more. A very special night indeed. All across the city doors are open from 7 pm to 12 / 1 am.

City History Museum (MUHBA)

barcelona city history museum

Love your Roman history? This is the place for you. Dig five meters under street level (or walk) to find the remains of Barcino. Look at objects from 1st century BC, and take a walk past the old city walls underground, among some of Barcelona’s first city streets. Entrance free to all on the first Sunday of the month; all other Sundays free from 3 pm.

Picasso Museum

barcelona picasso museum information

I’d encourage you to visit if you have an understanding of his more recent works as an artist. If you feel like you’d enjoy diving into the mind of Picasso as an experience; be warned, you won’t see many of the pieces that made him famous. Worth a visit and in the lovely El Born district. The Picasso museum Barcelona holds 4,251 works that make up a permanent collection of the early years of Pablo Picasso. Opening in 1963, the works also reveal his deep relationship with Barcelona. The Museum also houses an important representation of works from 1917, and the series Las Meninas (1957) as well as a comprehensive print collection. Free Thursday afternoons from 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm. The first Sunday of each month and Open Door days: 12th February, 17th May, 24th September, 18, 19, and 20 December.

Barcelona Design Museum

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If design is your thing. This modern building holds an interesting collection as well as travelling exhibitions. There are more than 20,000 books (published between the sixteenth century and the present), more than 3,000 journals and other materials such as trade catalogues, auction catalogues, colour guides, books, trends, old photographs, fashion etchings, and more than 30 archive fonds from institutions, businesses, and professionals. Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

Catalonia’s National Art Museum (MNAC)

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Set at the top of Plaza España in a magnificent building is the MNAC. Known for the best Medieval Art in Europe, this absolute winner of a museum has one of the greatest art collections in Barcelona. Free every Saturday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month until closing time (3 pm).

Maritime Museum

barcelona maritime museum spain info

Featured in an old medieval shipyard, the building is a museum in itself. Home to a number of maritime treasures this is truly the sea lovers’ choice. A wild and varied collection of photographs, ships, paintings, documents, underwater vessels, and more. The highlight is a replica of a 16th-century Spanish galleon. Free every Sunday from 3 pm.

Natural History Museum (Museu Blau)

barcelona natural history museum spain

The origins of Catalonia’s public natural history museums are closely linked to Barcelona’s two large urban parks: Ciutadella and Montjuïc. If you have children it’s a must, equally for adults alike. The temporary exhibitions are beautiful. Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

Barcelona’s town halls are open

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Not really a museum but worth a look. Entrance to the Spanish and the Catalan Town Hall is available and free. The Saló de Cent, the main medieval room will take your breath away. Every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. You can join a free guided visit in English (10 am), Spanish (10.30 am & 12 pm), and Catalan (11 am, 11.30 am & 12.30 pm) or just roam around on your own.

Frederic Marès Museum

Full of fascinating sculptures, try not to miss the top floor displaying every object imaginable. The whole museum is Frederic’s own private collection. You’ll also find his statues dotted around Barcelona. The museum itself has a beautifully situated courtyard and cafe. Free every Sunday from 3 pm and the first Sunday of the month.

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